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Arcopedico Shoes - The History

Arcopedico Shoes - The History

Arcopedico Shoes was founded in 1966 by an Italian scientist, Prof. Elio Parodi. Despite his lack of previous knowledge of footwear manufacture, his interest in orthopedics led to the development of a new technology to support his belief that the arch of the foot must be properly supported.

He began manufacturing Arcopedico shoes in Portugal using woven nylon uppers to give the right support for the arch of each foot as the leathers used then were hard and could be painful.

In recent years the importance of comfort in footwear has become more important and Arcopedico have developed a new generation of shoes for people who wish to walk in comfort based on Techno-Elastic Uppers, Anatomic Footbed and Twin Arch Support System.

The self adjusting knitted uppers with twin arch support system are able to accommodate any foot shape for a more perfect fit and the techno-elastic feature provides greater comfort for people with serious foot problems.

The Anatomic Footbed uses the principles of ergonomics and the anatomy of the foot to provide perfect distribution of the body weight throughout the entire surface.

When wearing Arcopedico shoes the foot rests on the whole surface area of the insole while with most other shoes the total weight of the body rests on three points only, often causing pressure to the arch of the foot, as well as the big toe curvature. As a result they are less tiring on the foot arch and help eliminate blisters and callouses

Furthermore, Arcopedico shoes exercise the foot, strengthen the muscles, assist the circulation of the blood and ensure more comfort when walking.

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